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Author: amelia


07 Dec INSTRUMENT: The Art + Science Dream Team

INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is a vibrant, ongoing art + science collaboration including interactive virtual artists, composers, data visualization specialists, science communicators, designers, producers, educators, instrument builders, programmers, computer scientists, physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists in the U.S., Chile, Australia, and Antarctica.       Meet our interdisciplinary team:   Ruth...

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09 Nov Data Sounds: The Music of Statistics

  INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is a suite of data instruments that use data from hundreds of thousands of stars captured by robotic telescopes in Antarctica. The interactive, and immersive aesthetic data experience will provide visitors the opportunity to explore characteristics of the stars seen above...

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09 Jul BBC’s Discovery Podcast Features Sonified CSTAR Data

The soundtrack of today’s BBC World Service Discovery podcast episode “Sounds of Space: Deep Space” uses data from CSTAR telescopes sonified by Andrew Blanton as part of the data-sound project “INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night,” an interactive artwork currently under collaborative development by a team of...

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