INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night | Immersive Data Visualization Installation
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Art + Science = Interactive Artwork

INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is an interactive artwork created from more than 1 million images of the universe captured recently by robotic telescopes in Antarctica. Using this data about how the universe works we are creating electronic data instruments that allow participants to interact through digital image and sound remixes—a video and music jam session taking place in the gallery on large scale displays mobile devices and online simultaneously. Blending art and science we are helping humanity understand the universe and express this understanding in new ways.


Art + Science = Collaboration

INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is being developed by a vibrant and ongoing art + science collaboration.

OUR CREATIVE TEAM: Ruth West (Lead Artist/Project Director/Concept/ UNT) Roger Malina (Astrophysicist/Co-Project Director/UTD) Lifan Wang (Astrophysicist/CSTAR & AST3 Antarctic Observatories/Texas A&M) Scot Gresham-Lancaster (Sound Artist/UTD) Alejandro Borsani (Interactive artist/RISD)Andrew Blanton (Sound Artist/SJSU) Brian Merlo (Sound Designer/UTD) Eitan Mendelowitz (Interactive Artist/Data Scientist/MHC ) Jaochim Gossmann (Media Artist/UCSD) Ermir Bejo (Composition/UNT) Zach Thomas (Composition/UNT) Seth Shafer (Composition/UNT) Sam Johnson (Computer Science/UNT) I-Chen Yeh (Computer Science/UNT) Amelia Jaycen (Science Communication/UNT) Mike Tarleton (Physics/UNT) Thomas Hobohm (Programming/UNT). Learn more about the Team

One Antarctic Night = 4 Months

Antarctica is a unique place from which to observe the universe. One antarctic night lasts 4 months! Astrophysicist Lifan Wang and the international team of researchers developing the AST3 telescopes and CSTAR observatory on Dome A in Antarctica are pioneers exploring the nature of the universe. Their telescopes peer deep into space looking for exoplanets variable stars and helping solve the mysteries of dark matter. Our interactive artwork is made from never before seen or heard data of the universe from one entire antarctic night! Learn More about the Antarctic Telescopes


SAN FRANCISCO EXPLORATORIUM: Located in San Francisco CA the Exploratorium serves millions of visitors and ranks as the fifth-highest equity brand among museums world-wide after the Louvre Getty Smithsonian and the Met.


NEW YORK HALL OF SCIENCE: Located in the city of New York the Hall of Science serves over 275000 national and international visitors annually.


ADLER PLANETARIUM: Located on Chicago’s Museum Campus the Adler serves an average audience of 460000 national and international visitors.


RUBIN CENTER: Located in El Paso the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts serves an annual audience of 11500 visitors and exhibits contemporary art by recognized artists from around the globe.

ARTS CATALYST UK: Located in London The Arts Catalyst serves tens of thousands of annual visitors and is one of the UK’s most distinctive arts organizations.


BEALL CENTER FOR ART + TECHNOLOGY: Located in Irvine CA the Beall Center serves tens of thousands of annual visitors and with exhibitions that explore new relationships between the arts sciences and engineering 


Additional venues: The above venues have provided letters of interest and support for exhibiting the installation. Additional national and international venues are under consideration. Stay tuned for more news of upcoming venues in this section!

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INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. Become a sponsor and join us in bringing this new interactive experience to a broad public audience through our world-class venues that offer unparalleled public engagement. Supporting the project offers you an opportunity to reach hundreds-of-thousands to millions of visitors with near-term and long-term exposure in national and international venues. In addition to mainstream media online and social media coverage as provided by each venue’s promotional efforts we offer sponsors recognition on our web site social media in printed signage and program notes.


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